Microgaming Brings Back the Eternal Love Slot

It can be intimidating to bring back an old favorite, but be assured that if there’s one business suited to the effort, it’s top-tier casino game creator Microgaming. The gaming behemoth is no stranger to giving otherwise tired franchises a new lease on life. However, Microgaming’s latest time-defying endeavor isn’t quite a throwback to any certain era. In fact, despite having been released almost a decade ago this year, Immortal Romance’s popularity is as strong as ever. The slot has proven deserving of enduring adulation, which is likely the primary motivation for Microgaming’s decision to give it a thorough overhaul.

It’s undeniable that the word “undying love” has never had more personal resonance. Immortal Romance is currently available through more than 200 of the best regulated and licensed operators in the world. The terms “timeless,” “evergreen,” and “classic” are well suited to describe this casino staple. It was out at the height of the Twilight craze, when vampires were the most prominent cult figures, but it has stayed popular because it is a great slot with great features.


Nearly Always a Good Thing, Age

However, this is not to mean that the casino games titan’s decision to update the look of the popular slot machine is in any way undesirable. When you see the revised outcome, you’ll see that the opposite is true.


It’s important to note that Microgaming has previously implemented similar enhancements to the newest one. Many changes and enhancements have been made to Immortal Romance throughout the years, from better visuals and animation to more powerful and immersive sound design. Also, you may now access and play the slot on a wide variety of mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones.


In addition to a comprehensive HTML5 overhaul, new features including Autoplay and rapid spin functionality have been introduced to Immortal Romance.


The Reason for the Present

So, what did Microgaming change during the most recent slot machine update? The quick answer is that the reworked casino game is an open invitation to rediscover what made the slot so successful back in 2011. On the other side of the upgrade line, it has been a smashing success, just as Microgaming predicted it would be.


If Microgaming had eliminated everything that made Immortal Romance unique, the result would not have been a reimagined experience. What good would that have done? Any one of the thousands of brand-new casino games launched every year would have been suitable in that capacity.


It has become clear that the plan all along was to incorporate some of the old classic aspects, but in a somewhat more modern approach that is of course aided by modern technology, rather than to toggle away too intrusively at the game’s existing storyline. In its place is the revamped and improved Chamber of Spins feature, which gives players the option between four free spins based on different characters and the equally popular Wild Desire feature, a bonus round that may award as much as 12,000x the player’s initial stake.


The updated Immortal RomanceTM slot is all about reliving the moment and rediscovering the feelings you had when the game initially came out. This again proves an essential point: Microgaming isn’t content with simply making casino games; rather, the company strives to capture the enchantment of the reel-spinning experience.






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